Boutique fitness, ultra personalised.

Discover a host of fitness studios and classes curated using your tracked wellness data. Reach your goals more effectively with personalised recommendations.

Wellness Tracking.

Zoique keeps you in check and on track.

  • Set your goal and Zoique will work with you to reach your targets
  • Learns your wellness habits over time
  • Integrates with your Smart Watches (Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.)
  • Creates personalised workout and meal plans for your needs
  • Provides real-time wellness insights with predictive capabilities
  • Get instant answers on your wellness like;

    How much cardio have I done this week?

  • Notifies you when your activity level drops.

Personalised Group Fitness

Smart fitness class discovery

  • Your tracked wellness data curates personalised fitness classes.
  • Zoique recommends a Stretch workout after a binge on Cardio and Strength Training.
  • Zoique enables you to reserve fitness classes targeted to your needs.
  • View trending fitness classes in your city and with your peers.

Fitness communities.

You are never alone, whether online or offline.

  • Add your friends and form your own fitness community
  • Checkout what your friends are doing.
  • Set challenges, get inspired and start winning.
  • Add Zoique chatbot to answer your wellness questions

You no longer have to binge on your favourite fitness classes or book classes at random, Zoique guides your choices based on your fitness goals, diet and activity patterns.


Zoique generates meal plans that consist of nutritional balanced meals and snacks, with calorie and macro-nutrient values that are tailored to your personal requirements.


Zoique provides an intuitive dashboard that provides insight into your wellness and fitness studio recommendations, making it easy to set and hit your wellness goals.

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