5 Reasons why you need a Fitness Trainer.

5 Reasons why you need a Fitness Trainer.

As we decide and commit to getting back into fitness, it’s no surprise weight loss, eating right and monitoring our steps rank top in our lists. But how do we ensure we give any of that a good stab? Some of us will religiously flock to the gyms or boutique fitness studios, download fitness apps or hire fitness trainers or nutritionists. While there’s still some scepticism about hiring personal trainers, for instance the cost, there are a number of reasons why hiring a fitness trainer can help you effectively reach your goals and sustain an active and healthy lifestyle.

1. Don’t know where to start: It can be a bit of a challenge trying to draw up a workout schedule and meal plan. And not everyone understands how much of Cardio, Strength Training and Flexibility exercise is required to reach their goals, or the balance needed from each activity type. It becomes overwhelming when you are unsure which calorie to count and what your daily intake is.

This is where fitness trainers can be invaluable. They help you set specific goals, generate schedules that suit your lifestyle through their interactions with you. They help you utilise your time more effectively as you aim to sustain an active and healthy lifestyle.

2. Not seeing results: If you have done all the right things and still not losing weight or reaching your goals, hiring a fitness trainer may be the right thing to do. He or she can observe your activity patterns, eating habits and lifestyle in other to determine if you are ‘binging’ on your favourite activities or setting unrealistic goals. Fitness Trainers help adapt your program to make it sustainable, realistic and fun. You may just be too critical of yourself and not seeing some results, which are less obvious.

3. Bored of same workout: Like I mentioned earlier, you may be binging on your favourite workout or fitness activity, which means you hardly experience other activities outside your favourites. A fitness trainer can bring a different perspective and new ideas to challenge your set ways. He or she can introduce you to different routines, advice you on the latest workout trends or introduce you to trending fitness studios. He can also challenge you to push beyond your self-imposed limits, encouraging you to increase your daily steps count, increase session times or just lift heavier weights.

4. Need accountability and motivation: No mater how motivated you are to lose weights or reach your fitness goals, there are times when you are just made for a lay-in. Those days are reduced drastically when there’s an appointment pinned with a fitness trainer. They provide some accountability, which makes it difficult to throw-in the towel. He or she will usually want to assess and evaluate your progress. Fitness trainers are also trained to motivate and encourage, so even when you are not seeing results, they can offer those encouraging words to lift your spirit again.

5. In-home personal training: Some people prefer to workout at home and need guidance on the use home fitness equipment. Fitness trainers can advice on how to use the space and equipment available at home. He or she can make recommendations on the best equipment or exercise that will help you reach your goals.


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