Fitness – Skip it

Fitness – Skip it

This is a blog encouraging you to train and get fit, yet the title of this post is ‘Fitness – Skip it’? It doesn’t really add up until I tell you that this blog post is regarding skipping…

Skipping is underrated in the world of fitness to the average gym go-er, runner, cyclist, footballer etc. But it shouldn’t be. Skipping is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can be used for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), not to mention that it can practically be done anywhere – in the kitchen if you are allowed!

According to Jump-Rope Institute;

Jump rope for weight loss works, a ten minute session at a minimum of 12 revolutions per minute can provide the same benefits as: 30 minutes of jogging, 6 sets of tennis, 30 minutes of racket sports or 12 minutes of swimming

So why waste your valuable spare time pounding tarmac when you can jump on the spot for the same results in less time!?

Two sports that utilise the art of skipping exceptionally well are Boxing and CrossFit. CrossFit might be up for debate as a sport but I am not going to go there. For example have a look at Floyd Mayweather showing off his skipping tekkers in this video. It is pretty impressive.

All of a sudden the boring perception of skipping has been thrown out the window and skipping involves a lot more technique than just jumping on the spot. Personally, I really enjoy skipping, it is a great way to intensify your circuit training to ensure that your heart rate is at its maximum! It also provides a challenge with the number of skipping techniques that are there to be mastered. For a variety of skipping techniques, check out this YouTube video from ‘Bloom to Fit’.

When starting, as I did, you may return home with suspicious red whip marks all over your body due to lack of practice and technique which can prompt some out of the ordinary questions! But like anything… practice makes perfect.

Buy a skipping rope and see your fitness improve dramatically!

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