How to identify bad Fitness Trainers.

How to identify bad Fitness Trainers.


Hiring a fitness trainer to help you reach your fitness goals, guide with your workout and diet plans, is always worthy investment. But ensuring you have made the right investment isn’t that straight forward. In this blog, I will try to highlight some of the common attributes of a bad fitness trainer.

Firstly, I will highlight what a good fitness trainer is.

1.     He or she should be educated with a Personal Trainer certification from a reputable fitness organisation. While a degree in exercise may not be necessary, the more educated the better.

2.     He or she should have an updated certification in CPR or First Aid. Above all he must be experienced with regards helping people reach their fitness goals. For instance, if you want to lose weight you want him to be experienced with evidence of past success.

3.     He or she must be a good listener with attention to detail on you throughout the session. His or her responsibility is to assess your fitness level, understand your goals or help set one for you. He must aim keep you motivated throughout the journey, on and off session.

4.     While he or she will usually attempt to push you beyond your comfort zone, he will educate you on the different activity types and the benefit of each, advice on the recommended daily targets, and help you track your progress.

Be wary if your fitness trainer displays any of these traits;

1.     Is easily distracted with less focus on you. It’s your time and money and you cannot afford to have a fitness trainer focused on anything else other than you.

2.     Recommends questionable supplements or herbs.  Always talk to your GP or doctor if in doubt.

3.     Provides detailed dietary advice. Only if he is also a nutritionist or a registered dietician.

4.     Ignores your questions or dismisses your concerns.

5.     Diagnoses illness or injuries without referring you to a doctor.

6.     Doesn’t take calls or respond to emails.

You always have the right to change your fitness trainer if you are no longer satisfied or concerned about his ability to help you achieve your goals.

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