5 tips to make you feel less guilty for indulging yourself over Christmas

5 tips to make you feel less guilty for indulging yourself over Christmas

5 tips to make you feel less guilty for indulging yourself over Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year you reunite with your family, friends and loved ones to eat loads of nice food and get merry. For many people it is also a very special occasion to get together with someone you may not have seen for ages or don’t see very often. As it is an one-off holiday, you should try not to restrict yourself too much in order to enjoy it properly.

However, if you still feel bad for indulging yourself over Christmas, we have rounded up 5 tips that could make you feel less guilty when celebrating the most festive holiday of the year.

Do some exercise 

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Start your day doing some exercise. It could be a simple morning walk, run or other activity you enjoy doing such as yoga or HIIT session. Make sure to set steps-goals with your fitness apps like Zoique, so you can track your steps while you are out and about. Those fitness trackers Fitbit and Apple Watch integrated with Zoique may come in handy after all. Squeezing in a workout into your day before you begin to prepare your Christmas dinner or turn up to a Christmas party will help you feel less guilty when you think about having or not that Christmas pudding or mince pie.


Stay hydrated 

Drink loads of water throughout the day, specially when we know there are going to be loads of alcoholic drinks around to make a toast and celebrate a Merry Christmas. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends a daily water intake of 2.0 litres for women and 2.5 litres for men, so make sure you consume a glass of water between each glass of wine/ alcoholic drink you have.

Go veggie crazy


Eating turkey, sausage meat and pigs in blankets is all very tasty, but also aim to go veggie crazy and fill half of your plate with vegetables. Dish out on the roast parsnips, carrots, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and cauliflower to make it a colourful meal. Also remember that each veggie you eat counts towards the 5 A Day campaign by the NHS, which recommends eating a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables a day to lower the risk of serious health problems, such as heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

Avoid overeating 

 Make sure you stop saying “yes” to food if you are already feeling satisfied. Sometimes we just eat for the sake of eating because the food is there in front of us, even if we are not feeling hungry anymore. Try to prioritise and eat the seasonal foods and treats which are typical at this time of year, so you don’t end up overeating and feeling bloated and guilty afterwards.

Drink a digestive tea 

After all the nice food and drinks, treat your digestive system to a herbal tea in order to help the food go down properly. According to the Livestrong Foundation, green tea, peppermint, chamomile and chai tea are some options that may help improve your digestion and limit any adverse digestive effects, such as gas and upset stomach. This way you can enjoy a good night sleep and prepare yourself to get back to your normal routine the following morning.

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