How best to achieve your fitness goals with Fitness Classes

How best to achieve your fitness goals with Fitness Classes

Are you a fan of group exercise? Willing to go the extra mile to achieve your fitness goals in 2018? Whether you are looking to lose weight, drop a dress size, get toned up or get summer ready, there are always options out there for you.

We interviewed Personal Trainer Nicky Lopez on how to best combine classes to effectively reach the desired results according to your needs.

Read the full interview below.

How many days per week people should work out in order to achieve their fitness goals?

This is a hard one, as everyone has different goals and someone training for a marathon shouldn’t necessarily run that many times a week to reach their marathon goal, whereas someone new to exercise with a weight loss goal would want to work out at least 3 times a week to kick start their regime and body. I think what is more important is spacing your exercise out to let your body recover and get the most out of the time that is spent exercising. Also a mixture of different styles of exercise is important to get the body out of its comfort zone and ultimately this will bring results. As a rule of thumb, I would say 3-4 hours of exercise a week is a good start.

How would you advice your clients looking to effectively achieve the following fitness goals, especially if they are into fitness group classes?

Weight loss – Make sure you start with cardio-based classes and do double of these to any other type. Spin classes, Bootcamp and boxing are some options.

Tone Up Get a good mixture of training methods including cardio, strength and core-based classes. Reformer pilates and mat pilates are great for core along with Yoga.

Gain Muscle – Weight training and progressing those weights is key for muscle gain. Therefore the class must include strength training with an emphasis on progression. Classes at The Foundry and Weights classes at OneLDN would be good.

Sport-based – This would very much depend on the particular sport, but the more varied training you can do, the more prepared the body will be to be out of its comfort zone. Running long distances would obviously be a massive part of your training for a marathon, but you wouldn’t necessarily have to run the full 26 miles to be ready and achieve a good time.

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What are your thoughts on group exercise and how important is it to a healthy lifestyle?

I love group exercise! Everyone has a different type of exercise that gives them that special buzz, but group exercise has its own x factor. In my eyes you can’t beat the motivation you get from others exercising around you as well as the trainer. Also teamwork breeds fun and fun breeds distraction from the perceived boredom or pain of the isolated exercise. This, in turn, pushes you to exercise out of your comfort zones and achieve greater results. As we know, fun and social interaction is so important to a healthy lifestyle.

Which are the best classes for getting rid of belly fat and inner/outer thigh bulge?

Again it is very hard to say the best, but cardio-based classes are definitely going to be a fundamental part of you shifting that belly fat. For inner and outer thigh bulge, I’d go for the good old ‘Leg, Bums and Tums’ type classes.

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How has technology helped in achieving goals?

It has helped for sure. Technology creates stats and on the whole stats don’t lie. If you have machine’s/technology that can record your stats in classes and show you how you did and how you can improve, it is another form of motivation. I know many people that have told me the extra stats-based technology in classes has taken them to another level. Just look at today’s runners, rowers, cyclists, their training is all stats-based.

What is your advice to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle after you have achieved your fitness goals? 

Keep going! Find exercise that you really enjoy and carry on forever. Of course people can get bored and need a change, but it’s about finding the right change and going again. Exercise should never be something you use to achieve goals and stop! It should be an ongoing thing that will bring you life and health benefits in all areas!

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Which classes would you definitely recommend in London to get summer ready?

Well, obviously the places I teach I think are great! So in my eyes, Digme Fitness is top of Spin, Good Vibes is best for quick, flexible 30 minute express classes, HIIT GYM is amazing for variety and gets every inch out of every area of the body! I personally love Orangetheory Fitness as I was a member myself and I love the stats based exercise. If boxing is your thing, Kobox is great fun and gives you a real unique buzz. There are so many great group classes now!

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