Keep motivated during your fitness journey

Keep motivated during your fitness journey

Looking for some inspiration to keep going during your fitness journey? We have rounded up some tips to make sure you stay motivated throughout the way.

Downloading an app like Zoique that monitors your progress and performance and gives personalised recommendations about fitness classes nearby is one of the options available to help you achieve your goals.

Fitness classes

Training on your own can be boring and unattractive. If you are lacking motivation to hit the gym and do the same dull set of exercises, you should consider attending group classes to get the buzz and motivation from other people around you. There are so many fitness classes available in London at the moment that it would be very unlikely if you didn’t find a session that suits your needs and interests. Give it a go and try something different now!

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Make friends on the day

As you are out and about discovering a new gym, class or studio, there are always some like-minded people who you could connect with to build a support network. Don’t be shy about making new friends on the day, get talking and share experiences with gym goers about your personal goals and achievements. Loads of boutique gyms also offer a protein bar or healthy kitchen to hang out in after a workout. So take advantage of it and connect to your gym buddies!

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Get moving with your friends


Moving with your friends can be a great way of staying motivated during your fitness journey. Invite your close friends, colleagues and even family to go to the gym with you or attend a class you both enjoy doing. You can also go for a nice walk or run together and turn this activity into a ritual as part of your weekly routine. Being more active around your besties and loved ones will only boost your confidence and help you lead a healthy lifestyle!

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Hire a Personal trainer

If you still lack the motivation and commitment to exercise, hiring a personal trainer could be a solution for you. Although there is some extra cost involved, working out under the supervision of a professional expert will make it easier to get the results you want to see. Personal trainers can advise you about the best activities and exercises according to your specific goals, eating habits and lifestyle, also keeping track of your progress. Another advantage is that there is little room for cheating or not pushing yourself too hard if you are training with a PT.

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