There’s no stopping Boutique Fitness

There’s no stopping Boutique Fitness


The past couple of years saw an increase in the popularity of specialised fitness facilities known as ’boutique fitness’ and the trend doesn’t look like it’s waning. With this increasing popularity, it is easy to see why fitness enthusiasts prefer the boutique fitness to the traditional gyms even with its expensive price tags. The reasons for this trend go far beyond the unique experience of each fitness training and the personalised attention; it plays on the emotions of these enthusiasts and offers a sense of importance and exclusivity. Evidence shows that this segment of fitness enthusiasts will pay a premium for the personalised attention and the unique experience at every class session. The cult-like following seen at SoulCycle, Flywheel, Rebel1, BoomCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, OrangeTheory, etc. are testaments to the ever-growing obsession.

The industry is seriously paying attention with the boom catalysed by the newcomers as the press (entrepreneur,  Healthista, MarketWatch, Ten, etc) continues to highlight the implications and impacts to the industry. Some gyms and health centres are beginning to alter their operating models to include some attributes of boutique fitness. What are the attributes that really make this phenomenon a great success?

Close Knit Fitness Communities

Boutique fitness studios play an active part in ensuring that you interact with other class members and see the workout as a community reaching for the same goal. While you may not be chatting it up all the members of the class, you are all working towards the same goals and experiencing similar struggles, together. Friendships are formed as people become familiar with faces in the classes.


Arms, legs, butt, abs… no matter what it is you are looking to improve, there is a workout for fitness studio for that. Unlike the traditional gyms where you have to question whether you are getting the most out of your workout, the fitness studios ensure each class session has an experienced instructor providing personalised attention throughout the session. They help optimize your experience by having you in and out for the 45mins or 60 mins of a typical class session.

Personalised Commitment

Unlike gym memberships, boutique fitness studios are more flexible with their pricing model. You are not roped into monthly fees, long-term contracts, or additional locker charges. You only pay for what you need and make you own commitment.

Fun Workouts

Finding workouts that you enjoy, makes sweating fun! You are a lot less likely to skip a class when you enjoy the workout you are doing. Share the wellness and spread the fun by inviting your friends to class as an alternative to a mid-week happy hour.


For the price of a monthly gym membership, you can set up a weekly routine with different classes at different boutique studios in town. Committing to different classes throughout the week helps keep your regiment exciting, allowing you to finally conquer your fitness goals.

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